at PetroPlast Jalilvand

Sustainable Management

At P.P.J, sustainability is a cross-functional responsibility shared by our Corporate Board of Management, Group Divisions, and Corporate Departments.
The Corporate Sustainability central function provides the framework for the strategic focus and organization of sustainability at P.P.J. The Corporate Sustainability Council functions as the central control body. It comprises sustainability officers from our Group Divisions. The P.P.J Code of Conduct defines the conduct with customers and business partners as well as the interaction with one another at the company. We expect each of our employees to comply with the applicable laws and our own internal guidelines (compliance). Violations will result in sanctions


Sustainability at P.P.J

With our concept of sustainability we are carrying on the tradition and style of P.P.J, which includes the obligation to conduct environmentally compatible, clean and fair business with long-term success.


Responsibility for Employees

We want to attract qualified employees and retain our staff over the long term so we support our employees in their continuous development. Our staff development measures are tailored to the challenges in each region, department and management level.

Product Responsibility

With our products and services we want to create environmental and economic added value for our customers. We therefore focus on energy and resource efficiency in both the manufacturing and use phase. With its diversified portfolio, P.P.J serves global markets for Raw Materials. In doing so, we develop solutions for our customers and assume responsibility for the products that we supply and also services. We pursue our strategic approach using three levels:

We ensure quality and safety:

P.P.J stands for high-quality and safe products, the quality of which we ensure via risk and quality management.

We maintain a dialog with our customers:

We have trusted and long-term business relationships with many of our customers. Providing them with advice on the safe use of our products in a manner that conserves resources, and talking with them about their expectations is a fixed element of our service portfolio.

We minimize environmental effects:

Our products and services are intended to contribute to the protection of resources and the environment – across the entire value creation chain. Our goal is to create continuously more efficient product generations.