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Our Mission

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As the world becomes a global village, coming years will bring important changes in Iran and the rest of the world economy. In response to these developments, Petro Plast Jalilvand has formulated new strategies emphasizing provision of high value added services utilizing today's leading edge technology, strengthening marketing capabilities on a global basis, and expanding the scope and services offered by the group of companies consolidated within P.P.J. Today our company is a leading supplier of raw materials to key fortune 500 companies in Asia and leading manufacturers in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The company operates in market niches, which provide it with a competitive edge in those markets. Petro Plast Jalilvand’s strengths lie in sourcing, marketing, distribution and the logistics of moving products on a global basis. P.P.J’s goal is to be the number one marketing channel for top global manufacturers and the top source of raw material for our worldwide customers.

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Our Journey

Petro Plast Jalilvand is a Corporation started in 1987 and now operates in more than 3 countries and has offices in several.

Our global experience of operating in niche markets to demanding customers worldwide in meeting their raw material requirements is beneficial to both the customer and the manufacturer.

Our logistical experience of providing on time delivery at cutting edge price adds value to manufacturer’s products and adds competitive edge to the customers raw material purchasing

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    Our Objectives

    • P.P.J's objectives are thought to provide clear benefits to its members.
    • Promote the relationship and mutual cooperation among Companies, Institutions, Research Centers and other organizations related to the Petro-chemical Industry
    • Provide means to facilitate contacts and business among Companies related to the Petrochemical business.
    • Promote the development of intense personal relationships in order to facilitate friendly links among Company's Officers.
    • Organize meetings, congresses, round tables and symposiums. Elaborate reports and analytical market studies.
    • Train and develop the human resources required by the Petrochemical Industry in the Region. Encourage the production of papers and research works related to the Sector.

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    Our leadership

    Our leaders represent a rich blend of personal expertise gained through years of practical experience in our current markets

    from scientific discovery, to product development, to the front lines of deployed operations.

    They know our clients and their challenges, and are a key reason we enjoy such strong customer loyalty.

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  • CEO's message

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    Welcome to PPJ This website is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our Company, reflecting the pride we, as P.P.J employees across the globe, have in our continuing growth and current success.
    It conveys our sense of mission and vision - to become the preferred world leader in chemicals. The P.P.J corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.

    From the Company’s start in 1976 to the present day,
    our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate and a relentless drive for growth.
    As a global company with around 400 employees taken from different countries and backgrounds, our business meets the needs of customers in over 100 countries.

    Every day, the products that we supply and manufacture, touch the lives of millions of people all around the world.
    From chemicals, innovative plastics, and polymers – P.P.J products are fundamental to improving our quality of life. through our website, you will discover our commitment to the global communities in which we operate; our work to protect and sustain the environment in which we all share; our pioneering technology and innovation to build a better future; the high quality products we offer to our customers; and, the financial return we offer to our shareholders.

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    We are striving to sustain and build on the remarkable success which we have enjoyed since P.P.J’s launch. Our focus then and now is to challenge the status quo; working proactively with our customers to find the best solutions and applications to assure ‘sustainable’ long term relationships. These are exciting times for P.P.J and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature as you browse through this website.

    Ali Jalilvand